2023/2024 School Year

Letter to Parents - School Start

August 24, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians;

Greeting to all! I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. Every summer seems to go by much faster for me and I am assuming most are feeling the same way. I will be in at EES most days until start up on Sept 5. Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions leading up to the opening day.

SD6 health & Safety worked extremely hard over the last few years to ensure all students, staff and families would remain safe. At EES, we will still encourage and promote cleanliness, washing hands, and staying home when ill. However, I am anticipating a very smooth start to this year.

The start of the year is always an exciting time for students and staff. Not only do we have the anticipation of what the year will bring but we usually have some changes including new staff and students. We are very similar to last year with most of our staff returning. This year we welcome back Mrs. Rose for her first full year as our Administrative Assistant (started in May ‘23). I am sure you will have many opportunities throughout the year to further be acquainted. We also welcome back Emily Compton to the EES staff, after a year hiatus, in the role of Educational Assistant. We are also pleased, as always, to welcome back our wonderful instructional staff which remains unchanged. We have had many physical changes to EES over the last few years – new siding, windows, gymnasium facelift, new lockers and a playground enhancement to name a few. This year the students will be excited to learn we are hoping to break ground on an Outdoor Classroom for the EES students. The project has been initiated by our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and will be completed in multiple phases. Thank you to the PAC Executive for all your efforts and I’m sure the staff/students will get years of enjoyment out of the structure.

Our numbers, estimated in June, were to be between 125-130 students for this year.  We will not know exact numbers until after next week. This year our class configurations once again are planned for six divisions; Gr K, Gr 1-2, Gr 2-3, Gr 3-4, Gr 4-5, Gr 6-7. Of course, these may possibly change depending on the students changes we tend to see during the month of September. Busses will be running on Day 1 (note the change in Day 1 – schedule at end of this letter). Please contact the Office if you have any transportation questions.

Our ‘Welcome Back BBQ’ will happen again this year. I will discuss with staff and our Parent Advisory Council regarding details for the BBQ. We will communicate information to families as soon as we work out the details. We will have our first Parent Advisory Council Meeting immediately after the BBQ. We always welcome new families and always need extra support. PAC does a wonderful job supporting EES and enhancing our student’s educational experience.

Reminder – We will be, as usual, gathering start-up communication information from families. We usually send a bundle of forms home but the process will be slightly different this year. We will communicate instructions in a future email and it should make submitting info much easier. Please make sure your e-mail, phone number, and current physical address is updated with the Office. School supplies have arrived for students and they will be in each classroom on Day One. Students will receive supplies, an agenda, and a fridge magnet on the first day. For those of you who have not paid for school supplies this year – please check for updates our EES website or contact Mrs. Rose at the school office 250-347-9543.

Please check the SD6 website or contact the school for bus schedules (any additions to the route can be requested by contacting EES Office or the School board Office). Please be aware that there may be some confusion with bussing as students figure out stops and times. Any new students may need to be added to the list so please contact EES (Office is now open) so we can have your stop confirmed. And, we ask that parents please be patient the first few days as we iron out the wrinkles. If any problems occur, please notify the school so we can rectify the issue.

I have included an opening day schedule (below) for the first day for all students except Kindergarteners. This should help to relieve any confusion or answer any questions but if you wish any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact the school. The Office will now be open daily during normal hours. As for our Kinder students, all parents should have received a schedule via email, if you have not please contact Mrs. Rose at the school office ASAP at 250-347-9543. 

The staff at EES is excited to get started and we are looking forward to another tremendous year.

At EES we … Care, Create, collaborate!

Go Eagles!

Darryl Turner – EES Principal



Opening Day Schedule

8:17-8:30              Students meet at back of school (teacher’s call names for new class).

8:30-9:15              Students in class - opening day routines

9:15                       Assembly – Gymnasium.

Intro teachers and Principal (Mr. Turner): Mrs. Steedman (K), Mrs. Gillies (K, Librarian) Ms. Nahachewski (1-2), Mrs. Smith (2-3), Mr. Bush (3-4), Mrs. Tegart (4-5), Mr. Reid (6-7), Ms. Horn (SPED, LA, 4-5), Mrs. Maione (EA), Mrs. Hynes (EA), Ms. Compton (EA), Mrs. Phelps (EA), Ms. Sierra (EA), Mrs. Rose (Admin Assistant), Mrs. Jennifer Leonard (ABED), ??? (Counselor)


Principal Words:

Welcome Back Everyone!! Expectations, updates, etc.

9:35-9:40              Students in class – opening day routines

9:40-10:00           Recess

10:00-10:30         Students in class – opening day routines

10:30                     Dismissal

10:35                     Bus pick up of students