About Us

Grades Taught

Kindergarten through Grade 7


The purpose of Edgewater Elementary School is to create a quality community environment that is safe, healthy, happy, and positive. People are encouraged to take risks and meet challenges together. Students and staff will help each other strive intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.


Students who have progressed through Edgewater Elementary School will: 

  • demonstrate respect for themselves and others
  • problem solve and make responsible decisions
  • be active positive participants in life
  • take risks and embrace change
  • demonstrate a sensitivity to the features of the natural world
  • value learning
  • respect cultural diversity


Edgewater Elementary School will achieve its purpose and vision through commitment of the staff, students, and parents to: 

  • a quality school
  • a cultivation of individual strengths and talents in a supportive environment¬†
  • respect the rights and individual differences of others
  • meeting BC standards for curricular and core competencies