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Message from our Indigenous Education Support Worker

Happy New Year Edgewater Elementary School Families,

I would like to thank all of the children/youth that wrote letters, cards and posters to the Indigenous children/families that are victims of the devastating floods in November.

Many of the letters brought tears to my eyes and it was obvious that they took a lot of care in their letters and art work that went with them. In addition, it takes concentration and focus to think about what they will write and the penmanship required to complete it. The students showed kindness and compassion to think about what those families were going through. They did a good job and made someone happy and smile; that is a beautiful reward!

Families contributed books, toys, lego, stuffed animals, clothing, crafts, cash etc. Many of the children gave some of their favorite toys. Our children learned about generosity. Our community has been learning about some very difficult things since school started. They learned about the children at Residential Schools and about Orange Shirts and then the floods happened. All students made an effort to do something to be a part of resolving the issues.

In addition, it was an Edgewater community member long haul trucker that picked up all of our donations and letters and delivered them to First Nation Health Authority in Kamloops, so a big thank you to them!

Thank you for your efforts and I believe I speak for all the staff when I say how proud I am of all of you!

Debra Murray

Indigenous Education Support Worker

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